Green School

What is Green Schools?

Green Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment. Unlike a once-off project, it is a long-term programme that introduces participants (students, teachers, parents and the wider community) to the concept of an environmental management system.

Newtowngore N.S. is very proud of the fact that we have achieved our green flag. We look forward to exploring the themes of:

  • litter and waste
  • energy
  • water
  • travel
  • biodiversity

The school continues to maintain our green school status and we are now working on our second green flag for energy.

Energy Flag

This is a two year programme which will run through to the end of the next school year. The children have learned all about the different sources of energy, which sources are re-newable and non-renewable and the importance of saving energy. We have looked at ways of cutting down on our energy costs in school, focusing on turning off electrical equipment and lights when not needed. Keeping classrooms at the recommended temperature of 18 degrees celcius is also very important.

We hold monthly meetings, led by the green schools committee, where the whole school comes together to complete activities and to discuss progress.

Our Green Schools motto is:

Our Green School notice board: